Black Tennis Hall of Fame Welcomes Its Stellar New Board Member, Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Odera

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June 13, 2022

Black Tennis Hall of Fame Welcomes Its Stellar New Board Member, Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Odera



Dr. Odera is a major contributor to Black tennis globally, as a successful coach, administrator and business owner, and a non-profit director. She has risen to the height of the profession as a tennis professional and sports administrator.


Her extraordinary ability won national and international acclaim as demonstrated by the results from the over 16,000 Black children who have passed through her hands as a tennis coach. To date, her influence has grown, and graduates from her tennis program are successfully playing their trade in every continent in the world, including the USA, where many of her proteges played NCAA, NAIA and JC, while others have played ITF, Junior Grand Slams and Davis Cup.

Dr. Odera is an incredibly experienced practitioner in education, recreation and health, and worked in leadership positions for the last 27 years in various capacities, including as Senior Research Officer in a medical institution, Principal at a high school, a non-profit CEO, Director at an award winning sports academy, Head of Department at a junior college and an adjunct university lecturer. 


She is a speaker, published in international peer reviewed scientific journals, an author and an avid blogger on personal and organizational development issues, especially in non-profits. It is Liz's aspiration to help develop structure and long and short-term strategic plans, design programs, and frameworks within which staff successfully operate, and provide support towards functioning Boards. 

She also believes in the power of sports in changing lives, and is honored to represent many fine individuals and organizations that have influenced their communities positively around the world. "I enjoy mentoring and have experience leading individuals and large teams in change-making sports environments in business and non-profits, including high profile soccer, rugby, basketball professional clubs, WTA players, college teams and country clubs."

Dr. Odera was inducted into the Black Tennis Hall of Fame with the Class of 2021.



Dr. Elizabeth "Liz" Okongo Odera, Contributor - Inductee Bio




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