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Midwestern Tennis Association (“MID-TAC”) is an organization that uses tennis as a vehicle to cultivate strong family values. Its organizers believed that athletic competition and good sportsmanship are prerequisites for building good personalities and character. 


MID-TAC is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization in good standing in the State of Illinois and is presently in its 99th year of service in its ten state Midwestern territory. [Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin]. MID-TAC was brought into existence through the efforts of pioneers like Mother Mary Ann Seames and others from Chicago, Illinois. MID-TAC remains today as the Midwest region of the American Tennis Association. Please visit our website at: www.midtactennis.org 


MID-TAC is a regional Midwestern African American tennis organization with 16 African American Member Clubs, one of which has International Member Clubs in Lagos, Nigeria. All Member Clubs pay dues and have voting rights via their delegates. It is governed by a formal Constitution, Bylaws, Procedurals Manual and other formal guidelines. 


MID-TAC has been the support organization for its Member Clubs providing coaching, financial and organizational assistance. It also hosts senior, adult and junior players together at its Annual Championship Tournament over the 4th of July weekend. The Championships were held in several different Midwestern states prior to being in Indianapolis, IN for the past 45 years. No other regional or national African American tennis organizations can match MID-TAC’s record for supporting and promoting local tennis in so many Member Club communities. It offers year round tennis programs to players of all ages and races regardless of status, limitations and backgrounds via its Member Clubs.


MID-TAC has provided, for decades, annual coaching workshops, organized African American coaches, provided certification assistance, and clinic coaching opportunities with cutting-edge presentations. MID-TAC has sponsored PTR workshops ultimately certifying hundreds of new African American coaches. Its coaches and instructors, all volunteers, formed a Workforce Committee in 2010 and independently produced several regional Coaches Connection Trainings and Junior Workshops prior to the Covid-19 pandemic (see website). 


MID-TAC junior scholarships have been awarded annually at its Championship Tournaments for almost two decades, which honored juniors, not only for their tennis skills, but also their academic achievements. Those scholarships have recently expanded to include assistance with funds for tennis summer camp training. Many of our junior players have gone on to attend major universities, especially HBCUs; hold top positions in the USTA, as in the case of Katrina Adams, as its unprecedented two term President; as well as becoming professional players like Donald Young, Evan King and Taylor Townsend; teaching pros; lawyers; doctors; teachers; community leaders; businessmen and women; and leaders around the country.  


MID-TAC has successfully promoted and encouraged active participation in the African American tennis communities that it serves, via its Member Clubs, who have contributed to the steady growth of tennis in those communities. MID-TAC consistently hosts monthly conference calls attended by individual volunteers, including officers from its 16 Member Clubs. MID-TAC has numerous permanent and standing committees. The Spring Annual General Meeting and Fall Annual General Meeting are now held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Both virtual meetings are well attended with open discussion on detailed Executive, Club and Committee Reports. 


MID-TAC recently provided financial support to the Midwest’s 75th Annual Tri-City Tennis Tournament in Detroit, Michigan in 2021, where the coveted Mother Seames Trophy was competed for. MID-TAC also launched, in 2021, an eight major city simultaneous Local Junior Tennis Day and Juneteenth Celebration, as a response to keeping juniors safe in their home cities due to Covid-19. The eight Member Clubs individually sponsored their event with the financial assistance of MID-TAC. It has been voted on by these Member Clubs to adopt and continue this inaugural event. Please visit the Junior Section of the website at midtactennis.org. Nothing on this groundbreaking level has ever been done in the African American tennis community and done so successfully. 


In the last 50 years, MID-TAC has had tremendous organizational success and rendered a strong role model to impact the grassroots African American tennis community in its region and beyond. Recent Past Presidents include Marion I. Rice, Richard Bradley, Alyce Meadors, Tyrone Crowder, Gail Lewis and currently, Margaret Dorsey. A true parent organization that has reached back into the communities it serves with programs and support to grow the game. Maintaining active and relevant Members Clubs numbering between 12 and 16 consistently for decades, says it all. 


MID-TAC is looking forward to celebrating its 100th Year Tournament Celebration in 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana. MID-TAC will recognize its many Living Legends, Hall of Fame Deceased Members, and Member Club accomplishments. Tennis is live and growing in the African American community and MID-TAC stands as a beacon in the continuity of its existence. 


“MID-TAC is the Premier Tournament for Juniors and Preferred Tournament for Adults”



   MID-TAC EXECUTIVE BOARD (Oct. 2010 - Concurrent Terms)

[l-r] Rita Patterson, Secretary; Paula Lewis, Parliamentarian; Bruce Stone,

Treasurer; Shirley Roach, VIce President; Margaret Dorsey, President.








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