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It is with tremendous honor that I serve in a capacity that leads and directs the evolution, stability, and forward movement of the Black Tennis Hall of Fame (BTHOF).  Ensuring that the historical value entrenched in Black tennis history is sustained, validated and publicly accessible is the stronghold of this organization.


BTHOF is committed to continuously fulfilling its mission through the preservation of the history of the sport of tennis, and commemorating the rich legacies of players, coaches, contributors, regional legends, and organizations that have broken racial barriers and advanced the ideals of sportsmanship and human rights through tennis, thus empowering and inspiring individuals worldwide to meet the challenges of these concerns. 


The induction of individuals and organizations presents hallmark moments annually, and at the same time Black tennis history in its entirety resides alongside these honorees.


The history of Blacks in tennis is a copious and inspiring legacy that must be preserved.  However, today there exists a significant lack of Black tennis history in the variety of ways that American tennis history has been documented and preserved. 


Since our founding in 2007, BTHOF has consistently been developing new and more effective methods of elevating its provisions and progress.  We are currently developing projects, establishing partnerships and expanding our vision to fully encompass our mission.


Recent organizational restructuring and administrative changes are providing BTHOF better access to the depth of knowledge and experience, immense talent, and resourcefulness of each member of our organization, initiating greater expansion of concepts and ideas, broadening our scope, and enriching every decision.


This year of 2023 has confronted the world with a variety of incredibly unique challenges, commanding that we not only find ways to survive, but methodologies to prosper, and move forward with revised plans of action that more than compensate.


It is incredibly exciting to maintain and develop new and exciting directions for the historic preservation of Black tennis history.  In each and every instance, we shall "Preserve, Honor, Respect, Remember."



Take Care, and Stay Blessed

Shelia Curry, Chief Executive Officer

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